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Chateau Jasmine - France

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Project manager

Chateau Jasmine is a charity event that has been taking place now for 3 years to raise money for the little princess trust.

As project manager with a small team of 30 people I had to design the event and delegate tasks. I also had to ensure that the event had all the correct paperwork required by the local authority such as insurance, licences and permissions, I did this by working closely with the mayor and his colleagues. Ensuring that I met all their safety requirements.

On the day of the event I was the go to girl ensuring that all staff had eaten, set up and knew what they were in charge of. I was also in charge of the artists once they arrived ensuring that they had everything that they required.

The first event raised over £500 profits with 400 attendees, tickets priced at £2 we made the rest of our profits on the stands, drinks and food sales.

The local community loved the event and it has been running ever since with the support of the community.

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