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Education First

Education first best known as E.F. is an international language school hosting students from all around the world.

Event Manager / Activity Leader (Brighton, 2018)

"Carys Blythin's enthusiasms, creativity and get go attitude was a great asset to the team. Providing quality work and entertainment for the students" Sale Rahman

Originally starting as an Activity leader in charge of 30 children I was soon promoted to Lounge manager, where I was in charge of organising activities outside of class such as movie night, talent shows, evening disco's and pool parties.

Event Manager / Activity Leader

The Role

Work side-by-side with international staff this summer to lead activities, field trips and social events for groups of 30-40 international students. From organising student parties and sports tournaments, to leading day trips and weekend excursions, this is a high-energy, non-stop kind of summer job that is as rewarding and fun as it is challenging.


• Organise, plan and lead a full schedule of activities, games, sports, field trips and excursions.

• Assist with student arrivals and departures.

• Attend all Activity Leader briefings.

• Liaise with your Activities Manager to monitor daily attendance.

• Collect, log and bank money for optional excursions and activities.

• Deal with problems and emergency situations should they arise.

• Work effectively within a team to deliver excellence in customer experience.

• Ensure the safety and well-being of students at all times.

Whilst working with EF I had the opportunity to meet students a work with colleagues from all around the world. I ensured that all the students were having a good time by creating them their own personalised map of Brighton which encourage them to make their own scrapbook, I also organised BBQ's with Marshmallows on the beach, Tea Parties, Henna, arts and crafts, Harry Potter Escape room and much more.

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