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Carys Mai

International Events, Marketing, Entertainment

& Sustainability


Creator of Busking Out 2022

Busking out is a non-profit, hosting & promoting pop-up

fundraising events for creatives & all. Supporting both

creatives & charitable organisations in need of assistance

by creating a network of ambitious & like-minded people.

BuskingOut aim is to reduce social inequality.

My Role:

    - Head Of The Organisation                            - Fundraising & Find Funds/Grants

    - Pre & Post-Event Set Up & Decor                 -  Safeguarding

    - Discovering New Talent For Showcases       - Videography & Photography   
    - Liaising With Venu                                          - Marketing, Admin...

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Community Art Hub Cordinator

Printers Playhouse  2022 - Now

Eastbourne-based community arts venue, hosting a wide range of activities, workshops and events.

My Role:

    - Private Bookings Manager           - Venues 3-Month Brochure

    - Email Marketing/Management    - Monthly Newsletter

    - Social Media Manager                  - Training New Staff   

    -Venue Decor & Design


Conference & Events Team Supervisor Scarlett & Bedruthan Hotel Spa, 4-Stars Summer 2021 

Award winning Cornwall-based sustainable elite hotel

My Role:

    -  Liaise with clients to find out their exact event requirements

    - Produce detailed event proposals 

      (including timelines, venues, suppliers, legal obligations, staffing and budgets)

    - Liaise with sales and marketing teams to publicise and promote the event

    - Manage a team of staff, giving full briefings

    - Ensure cash control procedures are adhered to, including managing multiple

      tills, cashing up, and investigating till discrepancies.

    - Ensure that all company, health & safety, legislation is adhered to, including   

      licensing and food safety.


Event Assistant - LeMieux
British National Dressage Championships September 2021

LeMieux is one of the fastest-growing equestrian brands

in the World, hosting the British National Dressage Championships yearly.

My Role:

    - Pre & post event set up & decor

    -  Managing a small team

    - Front of house, customer service, maintaining a high level of excellence.

    - Welcoming & directing guests


As a Freelancer I have played a key role in the organisation of various projects such as; Community Fund-Raising Festival (500pp), Private Weddings, Hotel Entertainment & Workshops.

My Role:

    - Hosted & organised successful/profitable events on a limited budget &

      time constraint.

    - Organised the venue & liaised with the wedding party & stakeholders

    - Created bespoke decorations, interactions & designs

    - Provided key support & customer service on the day

    - Videography & Photography

Freelancer Bespoke Weddings, Events & Design 
2016 - 2022

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Head of Marketing -Scriptwork Productions 

Eastbourne-based multi-media & script writing company

My Role:

    - Assisting & liaising with stakeholders & the team.

    - Providing content & designs for campaign calendars.

    - Creating a social media analysis & strategy (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube,   

      Instagram, Linkedin).

    - Monitoring, analysing and reporting on data from websites, social media,

      email and CRM

    - SEO optimisation

    - Online Marketing

    - Videography + Editing

    - Podcast/Patreon

October 2020 - Nov 2021


As seen on the Dragon's Den Camp Wildfire is an adults activity festival.

Now running over the course of 3 weekends at the end of August with over 200 activities to choose from.

My Role:

    - Pre & post-event set up & decor.

    -  worked as part of one of the 4 Patrol teams leading the festival group games

    -  total attendees  +2500

    -  Customer service is a key role of a patrol leader.

    -  Helped lead evening patrol games with all teams.

    -  Encouraged and supported crowd participation.

    -  Led various scheduled activity points during the festival.

    -  Safeguarding

Activity - Event Leader - Camp Wildfire
Summer 2018 -2022


Eastbourne-based art cafe, open to all members

of the public to take part in craft projects all year round. I helped organise 

& host their easter break kids workshops.

My Role:

    - Leading multiple groups/activities

    - Assisting with the creation of decorations & designs

    - Organising & setting up/takedown

    - Providing support & customer service

    - Paediatric First Aid

    - Safeguarding Children (Advanced) Level 2 V3.0

    - DBS checked

Activity manager - The Art House creative cafe
April - May 2021 


Eastbourne-based events company hosting Eastbourne's number one most popular family festival.

My Role:

    - Liaising with the managing directors & supporting key roles within the   


    - In charge of setting up the new website including design & supporting 

      marketing materials, copywriting & videography.

    - Involved in copy-writing & creating the pitch deck & presentation for the 

      the local authority for a new proposed event in Eastbourne.

    - Methodically planning & managing the 2022 Summer Feastival & E 


    - Assisting & liaising with stakeholders &the team

    - Creating a social media analysis, competitor insight & strategy

    - Foster and prioritise sustainable links    

    - Providing content & designs for a project :

  • Brochure/PowPoint design & Copywrite

  • Videography & edits

  • Marketing - Market research

  • Logo

Event Proposal, Marketing, Videography,
Graphic & Website Design - Feastival Events
December 2020 - June 2021


As a Freelancer I have played a key role in the organisation of various projects such as; Community Fund-Raising Festival (500pp), Private Weddings, Hotel Entertainment & Workshops.

My Role:

    - Developed and strengthened public relations, community outreach &

      fundraising for the Charity.

    - Created campaigns that increased awareness on an international level and

      raised over £3500 in just over 2 months.

    - Developed & implemented a social media analysis (Twitter, Facebook,

      Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin), strategy and campaign while delivering

       monthly feedback reports.

    - Self-managed, organised individual with the ability to navigate and interact             across a matrix organisation, liaising with various team members partners and

       potential prospects.

    - Helped design / create their new website; SEO optimisation, content creation 

      and developed the newsletter and email marketing using Mailchimp.

    - Weekly meetings.

Social Media Marketing & Digital Design
R.A.I.N.  Non-Profit  2020 - 2021


I held this amazing position while attending their university doing an international events management BA.

My Role:

    - Manage the promotion of events including inaugural lectures, open days and

      graduation ceremonies.

    - Running of internal and external events.

    - Liaise with internal department and external third parties to ensure projects.

    - Supporting the events team, helping with administrative tasks such as taking

       phone calls, enquiries, marketing on social media, risk assessments &       


    - Assist with the front of house/meet and greet; sales, taking tickets.

    - Led and handled tours around facilities and/or venues as required depending

     on the event.

Events & Marketing Assistant - University of Brighton
2017 -2019


- The Long Road Festival & Love Supreme Festival -

My Role:

    - Assisted and liaised with the stage manager and artist village, ensuring that

      the artists were present and properly equipped

    - Time and people management

    - Sales via computerized systems, enquiries

    - Customer service, complaint resolution, info desk

Artist Liaison, Stage Manager & Box office
U-Live Summer 2019


Eastbourne-based company helping disabled people to gain work experience & independance.

My Role:

    - Managing a small team, delegating tasks time management, leadership.

    - Liaise with the clients, staff and manager, interpersonal communication skills.

    - Deal with problems and emergency situations should they arise.

    - Organising events such as weddings, fundraisers, private events.

    - Sending off invoices

Assistant Manager + Events -Chalk Farm Hotel
Jan 2018 - June 2019

Embrace logo disability centre

Personal assistant/support worker - Embrace
Summer 2018

(learning disabilities daycare centre organised by Rebecca Whippy)

My Role:

    - Assisting activities, one on one and providing tailored care to the needs of the individual

    - Working both independently and as part of a team

    - Deal with problems and emergency situations should they arise

    - Learning alternative forms of communication


Event Manager
Dominican Treehouse Village
Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

Based in the Dominican Republic, I was offered a permanent position but unfortunately, had to decline due to having to finish my university degree.

My Role:

    - Prepare and organise weekly creative & entertaining activities for guests to

      get involved in, an open mic night and crafts to take back as souvenirs.

    - Liaise with the resort workers to ensure the smooth installation of the event (in Spanish).

    - organised Christmas and New Year for the resort With a limited time & budget

     -  Multilingual team,  French , Spanish & English Team members


Award winning wedding and events venue based in Australia that I worked at during a month and a half during my easter break at university

My Role:

    - Pre & Post Event Set up

    - Event Decor/Design 

    - Guiding & Welcoming Guest

    - Hospitality

Wedding Assistant Summer Grove Australia
March - April 2018

maxresdefault (1).jpg

I was promoted within a month and a half of starting my position as an activity leader to lounge manager.

My Role:

    - In charge of organising, planning and leading a full schedule of activities, field trips and excursions, with the use of Gantt charts and excel spreadsheets.

    - Assist with student arrivals and departures. Always ensure the safety and well-being of students. (received Safe-Talk training)

    - Collect, log and bank money for optional excursions and activities. Accounting.

    - Deal with problems and emergency situations should they arise.

    - Work effectively within a team to deliver excellence in customer experience.

Event Lounge Manager & Activity leader
Education First June - August 2018


As seen on Channel 4 - I had the privilege of working on Escape to the Chateau before I moved to the UK for university

My Role:

    - Pre & Post Event Set up

    - Event Decor/Design 

    - Guiding & Welcoming Guest

    - Hospitality

Event Assistant - Escape to the Chateau
August 2018


Community Fundraising Festival

My Role:

    - Delegating projects to members of the team (15-30).

    - Building the site and site decorations

    - Liasing with artists and staff/volunteers

    - Methodically ensuring the completion of all of the tasks.

    - Ensuring the management and communication to volunteers, artists and stakeholders by

        maintaining contact and regular meetings.

    - Risk assessments and liaising with local authorities was an essential aspect especially

       during the vigilance pirate (terrorist warning).

    - Keeping a professional and calm manner before and during the event is key to problem-


    - Analytical/Critical thinking.

    - Flexible

    - +500 attendees the first year

    - +£1500 profit donated to charity

Project Manager - Chateau Jasmine Festival
July - Aug 2018

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