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Joy Clenet 2016

October 2016

I have known Carys Blythin since she was very young as her parents have been friends of

mine for many years.

I have watched Carys grow into a lovely, dynamic young woman, full of talent on many levels; artistic, creative and directive. She has worked for me many times in the past several years and I am always impressed with her incredible ability to tackle any task that I have ever asked her to do. She shies away from nothing! She dives in with enthusiasm, follows directions well, and sticks to the job until it is completed. Another enjoyable trait she possesses is, she is never afraid or timid in offering suggestions when she has an idea on how to go about the task at hand.

This is one very talented young woman to keep our eyes on, as I am sure she will go very far in her life’s successes and I want to be among the ones who can say: “I knew here when”…

Joy Clenet

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