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Nepal (2018)

Updated: Aug 4, 2019


In Septembre 2018 I had the privilege to go an volunteer in a primary school and a local orphanage. I found this opportunity using World-packers which is an online platform for host to find volunteers, last year I was nominated by the head of the company to become a World-packer ambassador/expert. My role is to reassure potential volunteers and answer any question they may have, I am also encourage to blog about my travels.


Travelling 8 hours by bus to the rural town of Chitwan in the south of Nepal, I did not know what to expect. But upon arrival I was greeted by the most kindest and loving families, the mother of the family worked in the local primary school down the road and also helped her mother and aunts and uncles who have been running a small orphanage with about 12 children.

During my stay I split my time between both locations, though my original role was to give English lessons we quickly agreed that my creative skills were much need as the school was run down and un-inviting. Thankfully a previous volunteered had left some paints so I decided to close their classroom, removed all the old and broken poster and give the room a make over.


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