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Tree-house Village - Dominican Republique (Nov-Dec 2018)

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

The Tree House Cabins are hidden in a tropical valley that is located in the core of an exotic Caribbean jungle.

In November/ December 2018 I had the honour of working with the Dominican Tree-house village, where I was in charge of organising daily activities for guests, evening entertainment and holiday celebrations.

Events manager

Throughout my time in the Dominican Republic I was in charge of organising evening activities, the tree-house village is a remote resort cut of from the stresses of the outside world. Where guests can relax reconnect with nature, discover the beautiful island, be creative and dance the night away.

I hosted activities such as music nights by the fire pit, paint on various natural canvases such as leaves, stones and wood. Jewellery making session in corporation natural elements found in the jungle and the beach surrounding the resort. Glass engraving where guests could personnalise or order their on glass to take back as a souvenir that they can cherish for ever.

Whilst I was out their I met some amazing people and had the pleasure of meeting one elderly couple who where on holiday celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The wife asked me to personalise two tumbler glasses with a quote from their favourite song, being able to give them this special gift was a true honour.

Working in such a remote country with limited resources and budget, allowed me to tap into my creativeness.

Despite being offered a permanent job working in this paradise I decided that it was best for me to finish university and return once I had.

Other activities that guest and I could part take in were boat rides, quad biking and zip-lining, the Dominican Republic village which is situate in Samana has one of the longest zip-lines in central america it is composed of over 10 lines situated on a valley over looking a waterfall and the resort.

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