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As an qualified Activity Leader who has worked in various youth clubs, hosting on average up to 60-20 children a day ranging from 2-14 years of age and up to 18 years old and all abilities. Working with all ages I learnt how to resolve conflicts through mediation.

Some youth clubs were with accommodation and I was entrusted with the safety of the children when the parents and even when the club manager left the premises. Having a professional approach was crucial for conflict or problem-solving as some situation can be delicate. Actively listening to all parties to ensure a full comprehension of the situation is necessary. Being bilingual and living in France where I spent most of my time working in foreign language youth club I was able to communicate with the children and confidently ensure the child physical and mental well-being.

Working as a team and going on outings with the children, I learnt how to liaise frequently with colleagues.

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